Accounting & Compliance Service

Every company needs a systematic process to record, measure, clarify and verify their financial information. This helps establish a streamlined accounting mechanism. We, at Abhay Bhagat and Co., help you set up your accounting system from ground zero, investing our years of professional expertise to establish and streamline the accounting structure of your company.

We believe that an effective accounting system is the cornerstone of a productive and successful company. Services offered by us range from GST filing, TDS filing, Payroll services, PF, ESIC, Monthly MIS, Balance Sheet preparation to yearly filings to name a few.

Every client is different. And accounting solutions need to be targeted to client requirements. Our accounting service is highly specialized, in this matter, ensuring that every domain is treated differently and solutions are provided as per the specific domain needs.

We provide accurate financial information to our clients on a regular basis as we deem them to be of utmost importance, one that cannot be compromised. The services we provide are cost-effective and of the highest quality. We consider ourselves a part of your business, helping you maximize your company’s overall performance with the right professional accounting advice.

In addition to our accounting services, we offer compliance services as well. Compliances are the checklists that all companies have to strictly adhere to, giving all organizations an equal ground to compete. We enable you to scale up your business by forming partnerships, with an assurance that your business is compliant with the government policies.

It is essential that, as a company, a certain level of quality is upheld irrespective of the circumstances and work pressure. At Abhay Bhagat and Co., we treat quality as our absolute priority. Our compliance services include maintenance of the company’s standards, communicating updates and changes in relevant laws, standards and regulations, updating internal policies accordingly and communicating the same.

Here, at Abhay Bhagat and Co., we offer you end-to-end compliance management services that are customized according to your industry keeping in mind your unique needs and requirements. Our compliance management services take it upon themselves to keep your organization off the authorities’ radar. We ensure that all of your compliance requirements are met and the corresponding documentation is managed along with keeping track of deadlines.

Our service makes certain that all your company policies are written accurately, renewed on-time, received and understood by all the members of the organization while simultaneously ensuring that the entire process is documented. Our team of experts, coupled with our cutting-edge accounting software, will help you scale up your business while remaining compliant. We also carry out regular external as well as internal audits of the organization and regularly monitor if all compliance policies are in place.