About Us

Abhay Bhagat and Co. was established in the year 1989 with a firm resolve to provide the best possible service that every client deserves. With a team that is driven to provide the best of accounting services, we have ensured that all our clients’ requests have been catered to, as our services have helped many companies attain their corporate and growth objectives.

During the years 1991-2000, we established our firm working with a variety of clients, from different industries, putting our clients' goals as our topmost priority.

Our specialization shifted towards providing exceptional accounting services between 2003-2004, primarily because we realized that 95% of our company consisted of accounting specialists with numerous years of experience under their belt. This helped us focus our services, and in turn, provide a better client experience.

Over the years, Abhay Bhagat & Co. has established its name and place as a leading accounting service firm, offering a variety of accounting services, including but not limited to Outsource Accounting, Monitoring Accounting Department as a support system and High Network Individual (HNI) Accounting for personal investments.

Having catered to both foreign clients who wanted to set up their offices in India and to domestic clients, our team of professionals has had a vast exposure to all kinds of accounting services and that’s why we are the ideal choice.

We have helped clients with their tax filing, accounting, adhering to compliances and ensured everything was completed on time and in the most efficient manner possible.

  • To provide services that are a class apart from the rest.

  • To continue providing the best service to all our clients and help them make decisions based on quality data-driven actionable insights.

  • To maintain the exceptional standards we have set in the industry and exceed the expectations of our clients.

  • To propel with our goal of becoming a leading global accounting firm.

At Abhay Bhagat & Co., we believe in what we say and practice what we preach. Our aim is to solve business problems, by understanding the business trends and the global competition, and at the same time, be open to innovative ideas to improve our processes.

We believe that every problem is different and each of them has to be dealt with keeping in mind the nuances of the problem.

Our team of experts ensure that this practice is followed for every industry-specific problem and come up with innovative solutions. This results in holistic approaches to help companies in intangible ways.