Accounting Supervision

Our accounting supervision service comprises a monthly review of the account books at the client's premises whereby we review accounts and statutory compliances. It gives you the benefit of partial outsourcing of the accounting functions while still controlling your accounting books from within your company; all to keep your company from failing the compliance requirements.

At Abhay Bhagat and Co., we render end-to-end account management services. Our accounting supervision (tether accounting) services give your organization the ability to steer towards your goals aggressively without having to worry about aligning multiple departments. Living in the 21st century, we understand that an organization’s agility is the key to running a successful company. This service gives you an extra degree of freedom to manoeuvre your organization. We do this by understanding the need-based deliverables from the management.

With the help of the expertise that our team can offer on the subject matter, we will help you devise a plan to implement a smooth and seamless process. That process is then monitored by our team based on a set of key parameters such as accurate and timely account monitoring, and ensuring that services from pitch to deployment match your expectations. Any misalignment is taken note of immediately and corrected without any delay by our experienced team.

This continuous loop of planning-processing-monitoring-feedback is what makes organizations affiliated with us stand out in the market and help them get to where they wish to be. Apart from accounting and bookkeeping, our tether services take into hand maintenance and retrieval of data as well. This takes the additional load off the organization and aids in maintaining records that are essential for future use.

Our experts, at Abhay Bhagat and Co., render accounting supervision services in an efficient and organized manner, successfully supporting our clients in the performance of their accounting duties.